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Let there be no confusion:
Automated Power Systems is in no way related to, sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with
Arizona Public Service Company aka: APS, an Arizona based electric utility company.

 Residential Load Controllers

Shown above is a Pensar System 1000 residential load control system.  This is a micro-processor 
based unit which is connected to the largest energy users in a home, typically the heat pump(s),
electric hot water heater and clothes dryer. 
The homeowner sets a demand level not to be exceeded and through the shedding of loads the peak
demand (60 minute average time for Arizona Public Service customers, 30 minutes for Salt River
Project solar customers).  

About us:
We have been installing demand management equipment on residential and commercial installations since 1981. 
We are a licensed, bonded and insured LLC, have an A+ BBB rating and have been helping homeowners and
businesses for almost four decades.   

Why controlling demand is important to everyone:
When peak demand (many air conditioners running at the same time), continues to rise as the growth of a city expands,
the utility company must build "peaker plants" to handle this increased load which then sit idle except for the hottest
months.  Building addtional peaker plants ever few years is expensive and these costs are passed on to the end
users in the form of rate increases. 
Here in Phoenix, Salt River Project and Arizona Public Service Company offer rates to the end users with the incentive
of lower costs for shifting power use to "off peak" times which are considerably lower.  The less that is used on peak,
the more you can save.
Keeping your demand charge under control and shifting more power usage to off peak times is how we can best serve
you.  Our knowledged is unmatched not only in demand management but also shifting large energy using appliances
to off peak hours when demand charges are not being measured. 

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