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Let there be no confusion:
Automated Power Systems is in no way related to, sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with
Arizona Public Service Company aka: APS, an Arizona based electric utility company.
They bring you safe, dependable power.  We help you use it efficiently.  
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Summer is coming and so are high demand charges.  Reduce your demand charges with a
Dencor Load Controller.  If you haven't heard of one before this site is where you can learn
more about it.
A properly installed load controller can best be described as an ATM connected to your
electric panel.  You choose how much you want to take from your
bank and deposit it into
your utility company account each month. The lower you set it,
the more you save.
 We service all brands and proudly support the Dencor load controller products for demand control in homes,
businesses, churches and restaurants. 
We can also advise how to shift power to off peak rates using the thermal mass of your home.  
The Dencor Solar IQ is the perfect match for solar PV system.  All it takes is 30 minutes of clouds
on a hot day to raise your demand level and lose the savings.  60 minute demand time on APS and 30 minutes
if you are a SRP customer.
 A Dencor Solar IQ not only keeps the demand level where you choose it, it also measures and archives your
usage as well as displays your solar generation.
Our technical support team can answer any of your questions: 
480 489 0529


The energy monitoring system we install with the Dencor system shows you on an app on your phone
what appliances, a/c units, stove even when a curling iron is left on you will know. 
You will be surprise walking around the house turning off "phantom loads" that consume power 24/7
and you didn't realize because there's never been anything this simple before.  Look down at your
phone that "instant usage graph" and see in real time the power the house is using.  Shut off a power
strip on your AV system and watch your "always on" drop 168Watts immediately.  Nothing is on but
the cable box, sound system, WIFI interface and flat screen continuously draw power so there is no
wait time to "warm up".  
This simple, easy to use energy monitoring system is included with every Dencor system installed.

Call 480 489 0529 to have no cost consulation. 

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For new installations, and to better understand your needs please cut and paste the following copy
into an email
and send it to us.  A team member will set an appointment for a representative to visit
your location.

Electric Power Provider:
Sq footage of home:
Single story (yes/no)
Number of occupants full time:
Number of heat pumps or ac units
Highest summer bill: (with demand levels if you know them):
A/C on roof or ground:
Which side of the house is your electric panel on? (N,S,E.W):
Best time to call to set an appt:
(Sending an image of your home and the electric box in the email would be an advantage)

We have been designing and installing demand management equipment on residential and commercial installations since 1981. 
We are a licensed, bonded and insured LLC, have an A+ BBB rating and have been helping homeowners and businesses for 
 four decades. 
Contact us: lowerbillsinphx@gmail.com
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